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Olivetti ECR 8200 is the professional cash register suitable for the retail market. Thanks to its programmable keyboard and overall SW performance, it can also be used in the hospitality sector.

It is equipped with a graphical operator display with 8 lines that allows easy-to-use programming and shows every transaction clearly.

Equipped with an USB port and a Serial DB9 port, the ECR 8200 is able to interact with a PC to easily be programmed and can be connected to barcode scanners for quick and easy items registration.

Compact, stong, powerful and equipped with metallic drawer, the ECR 8200 is created for heavy work. With its flexible configuration, this model offers superior operating versatility

The SW performance is top-level: up to 3000 PLU, 99 departments, 10 departments group, 9 payment methods, 15 clerks, hospitality features, ABR (Automatic Business Receipt) and extra invoice handling, PLU pop list and PLU Stock control.

The possibility to program up to 5 different scrolling courtesy messages and its elegant design make for a pleasant relationship between customer and operator.

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