**All prices are exclusive of VAT or according to the agreed currency, regardless of whether it says SEK!!!**

Terms and Conditions
We only sell to dealers.
To become a customer, your company must have a resale business.
You can apply to become a reseller by clicking the link reseller application or by contacting us on telephone +46 10 206 77 88.

All prices are exclusive of VAT or according to the agreed currency, regardless currency shown in shop.
We reserve ourself against possible price changes and currency adjustments.
We may, until the delivery date, without prior notification, change the prices as a result of changes / additions of fees from authorities and organizations, exchange rates or other circumstances that are outside of our control.

Tender / Campaine / Promotion or any other Special priceing

Special purchase rules apply.

Bargin prices, freight costs will be added on the order confirmation.

Delivery, from warehouses in Uppsala, takes place daily, Monday to Friday, provided the goods are in stock.
Orders can be placed 24/7. Deliveries will be handeled Monday - Friday 08.00 - 13.30. Purchases placed after 13.30 will be handeled the following day.

Terms and Conditions
Orders are delivered by Bring, UPS, DHL or TNT based on our choice.
We always sends remaining quoted stock items at no extra shipping cost.
Residual items are normally shipped with your next order.
If no new order arrives within 7 days, all remaining quoted items that are available for delivery are automatically sent.
It is your duty to report to the respective companies. carrier any damage directly upon receipt of delivery.

We do not compensate for delayed deliveries.

Shipping is charged according to the current agreement.
Contracts always apply to full delivery.

Direct deliveries

We can deliver directly to your end customer.
Shipping is charged according to the current agreement.
It is important that you, at direct delivery, give us the correct delivery address as well as postal code, reference and telephone number
Remember that a postal code for a company differs between the box address and the street address (the delivery address).

Nonstock items are always placed on a separate order for full delivery.

Ordering goods
Ordering goods are items that we normally don't carry.
The delivery time for nonstock items can therefore be longer.

Nonstock items are always registered, automatically in our system, as a separate order for complete delivery.
If your order contains both stock and nonstock goods, two separate orders will be created.
Please note that this also applies to direct deliveries to your customers. This means that you are charged a maximum of one freight per order in accordance with your freight agreement with us.

Special provisions apply to nonstock goods:
1. Order cannot be canceled
2. No right of return
3. Freight is charged in accordance with the applicable agreement
4. Orders are always placed on a separate order for full delivery

Payment terms
An application for credit is made in connection with the dealer application.
If you are approved as a credit customer, an invoice will normally be 30 days net as payment terms.
We have the right to change the credit limit at any time and without prior notice.
Payment must be made no later than the date stated on the invoice.
In the event of late payment, we have the right to charge a delay fee, interest on late payments and, where applicable, a charge for collection and payment order.

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